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Sperm Facial – Beauty Treatment

10 Jan

For starters, you can begin by taking your mind out of the gutter because I certainly did not get a facial; well not one of a sexual nature at least. But what I did get was something less provocative; a sperm facial in the form of an actual beauty treatment. It’s a common urban myth that sperm is good for your face but is there even a tiny grain of truth to that?

Before you decide to get your boyfriend/husband to give you a good “glazing”, you should take it upon yourself to understand how sperm can potentially be good for your complexion. Researchers have known for quite some time that spermine, a powerful anti-oxidant found in sperm can do wonders for your skin. But of course, it’s quite impractical to obtain human sperm and apply it all over your face like you would with a moisturize before you sleep at night. Science to the rescue though!

The ingenious scientists at a Norwegian company named Bioforskning has invented a artificial sperm and made available at your local spas. Nice to know our best scientific minds are spending their time inventing fake semen instead of finding the cure for cancer…….

So does this new fangled skin treatment actually work? After experiencing it for myself, I am shocked to say that it indeed works as advertise. Townhouse Spa currently has their own sperm facial treatment which can “diminish fine lines and discoloration” all for the going rate of just $250. So you could get a free facial from a man, but at least with this spermine facial, you won’t have to worry about getting it in your eye!

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