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Sperm Facial – Beauty Treatment

10 Jan

For starters, you can begin by taking your mind out of the gutter because I certainly did not get a facial; well not one of a sexual nature at least. But what I did get was something less provocative; a sperm facial in the form of an actual beauty treatment. It’s a common urban myth that sperm is good for your face but is there even a tiny grain of truth to that?

Before you decide to get your boyfriend/husband to give you a good “glazing”, you should take it upon yourself to understand how sperm can potentially be good for your complexion. Researchers have known for quite some time that spermine, a powerful anti-oxidant found in sperm can do wonders for your skin. But of course, it’s quite impractical to obtain human sperm and apply it all over your face like you would with a moisturize before you sleep at night. Science to the rescue though!

The ingenious scientists at a Norwegian company named Bioforskning has invented a artificial sperm and made available at your local spas. Nice to know our best scientific minds are spending their time inventing fake semen instead of finding the cure for cancer…….

So does this new fangled skin treatment actually work? After experiencing it for myself, I am shocked to say that it indeed works as advertise. Townhouse Spa currently has their own sperm facial treatment which can “diminish fine lines and discoloration” all for the going rate of just $250. So you could get a free facial from a man, but at least with this spermine facial, you won’t have to worry about getting it in your eye!


Fashion Trend 2011 – 5 Must Haves

8 Jan

Celebrity stylist Daisy Lewellyn lists her 5 must haves for 2011:

1. Slimming Coat
A drop in temperature is no excuse to wear “schleppy unflattering coats,” says Lewellyn. Instead opt for a coat with slimming design details like a belted waist, a hemline that falls just above the knee and a solid color with bold vertical buttons that’s flattering on every body type. A slimming coat could be worn over dresses, skirts, pants and jeans.

2. Interesting Flats
Take a brief respite from your platform-heeled Louboutins and slip on a chic pair of ballerina flats instead. Your feet will thank you! A jeweled ballet flat or leopard pointed- toe flat are great to wear while running errands around town, Lewellyn says. “Comfort and style have now joined together, and forever united,” she adds.


3. Statement Jewelry
Statement jewelry is something that can help you stand out in seconds. “Chunky necklaces, cocktail rings, and oversized cuffs can take your simple jeans and tee shirt look from drab to oh so fab,” Lewellyn says. Skip the statement necklace if your top or dress already has a built-in jeweled or embellished neckline. “Trend overkill is exhausting. The statement jewelry should not have to compete with any other jewelry,” she says.


4. Defined Pencil Skirt
Sure, a black pencil skirt is a good investment, but why not spice things up with a cranberry red or black rockstar hue? Lewellyn says the defined pencil skirt — also known as the Rolls Royce of skirts — should be a head-turner that tucks in your tummy and lifts your tush.


5. LCD-Little Colored Dress
Are you tired of wearing little black dresses to every function? Change things up by donning a little colored dress in jewel tones or red, which happens to be the rage this season. “A single pop color dress is a one-stop shop to looking amazing in literally seconds,” Lewellyn says.

Daisy Lewellyn’s Blog

Fashion Trends – How They Are Created

7 Jan

Every season we get new and exciting trends from all the latest design houses from across the world. But have you ever wondered how these designers seem to read each others minds and come up with the same trends/themes? Is there some kind of secret meeting where all they all gather to set the agenda for the year? Do designers send spies to other fashion houses to steal their secrets? Well I can ensure you, its not that sinister! Most people would assume that trends come about when someone sees another person wearing a garment which they like and decide to mimmick the same style. However, that is not considered a fashion trend at all, but rather a ”fad”. It is important to realize that both terms are mutually exclusive. So what is a fashion trend then?

In order to understand the root of a trend, we must look at the fabrics first. Yes, you heard me, fabrics! Every year there are numerous fabric conventions held and major design houses will often send their designers to these massive expos. Here they will find a plethora of new fabric swatches, patterns, colors, textiles etc. One of the most popular and biggest fabric conventions is Premiere Vision. If you thought your local Fabricland shop was exciting, then wait till you visit a Premiere Vision convention!

With hundreds of the most prestigious fabric mills and textile manufacturers attending every year, you can see why all the major fashion houses like to visit conventions like this. They act as a crystal ball to see what could potentially be a ”trend” for the upcoming season. Fabric houses such as Sophie Hallette can make a designers job very easy. They provide fabric samples which already include intricate patterns, designs and embroidery. The designers then pick and choose the ones that appeal to their design biases for the upcoming season and incorporate the fabric to their designs. It’s simply a matter of taking the fabrics, cutting and moulding them until a actual garment is produced. But of course, there are designers out there who want a more distinguished and unique type of fabric for their collections and fabric mills are happy to obliged. For more distinct fabrics, we are generally leaning towards Haute Couture which is one of the reasons why it’s so expensive.

If you look at Sophie Hallette’s website, you will see they provided fabrics for Celine, Christian Dior and Givenchy’s previous Fall 2010 collections. In fact, this fabric house alone provides fabrics to dozens of some of the most notable designers of the world. Are you starting to see how fashion trends are created? It is quite astonishing to see how designers can be so influenced by these textile companies. So there you have it folks, the birth of a fashion trend! Stay tuned for my next article on the potential trends for the 2011 Fall season.

Jason Wu for CND

5 Jan

For all my fellow fashionistas out there, this is a must read article! Recently, designer Jason Wu collaborated with CND (Creative Nail Designs) Check out Jason Wu’s Spring 2011 collection which features the special nail line which is due this spring:

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