Fashion Trend Spring 2011 – Grace with Lace

7 Jan

Lace is back in full force and is a trend that should not be missed. When worn correctly, it can make your outfit really pop. Here are some of the seasons best in lace:

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011:

Ralph Lauren Spring 2011:

How To Wear Lace:

Generally speaking, lace can be divided into two categories: heavy and light. Heavy lace usually has a thicker pattern where as light lace has a more spread out and thinner pattern.

Heavy vs Light

Rule Of Thumb: Heavier/Thicker laces should be worn less, lighter laces should be worn more. To illustrate this example, look again at the two photos above. The heavier lace outfit is a blouse where as the lighter lace outfit is a complete dress.

Tip: If you are crafty enough, find an lace outfit that you are willing to part with and cut it up to make a lace accessory. Or you can find a high quality piece of lace fabric with an appealing pattern and do it that way as well. Take this Ralph Lauren lace scarf as an example:


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